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Mobiflux Review - Software by TeknikForce

You have heard this a thousand time already, and you’ve seen it every time you review your visitor statistics. A huge majority of your visitors are on the mobile phone. Actually, that’s nearly all of them. Only about 15% to 25% of your visitors are coming to you from desktop computers. That’s true no matter what kind of website you have. The problem is, most of your classic website infrastructure is designed for Desktop PCs. Due to which your mobile visitors are not able to easily access your websites on mobile phones.

Widgets, like exit-intent, pop-ups, etc. are not designed for mobile phones, and mobile phone users don’t expect to see them. Actually, they are quite counter-intuitive for mobile users and only irritate your visitors, making them close your site. But with WP Mobiflux, you’ll no longer lose out on mobile visitors.

Mobiflux Review - This powerful Wordpress plugin will do two things. 

1) Help you properly monetize and drive all your mobile traffic to …

Complete SpyCom Review OTO and FE

SpyCom just went live. This is the world’s most powerful e-Commerce and AliExpress profitable product finder and research tool. It’s currently available for an early birds discount. Pick this up right here with my e-Commerce Bonus Kit: Official review:

What is SpyCom and Why you need this?

SpyCom Review - SpyCom is a powerful cloud based AliExpress market research platform that gives you a massive unfair advantage by helping you find the most popular, most sold and profitable physical products on AliExpress that you can immediately start selling from your own ecommerce or shopify stores.

With SpyCom you can:

Instantly uncover profitable AliExpress products with hardly any competitionSee the perfect price to sell each product for maximum sales and profitFind the best supplier for any product in secondsUncover hot niches & hidden trends on AliExpress that others can’t seeGet winning product ideas for upsells, crossells and downsells… tripling your income with pro…

MSGLock Review Front End Product and The Upsell

For years we’ve been told list building is a numbers game. He or she with the biggest list wins. These days that’s just not true. I know marketers that make more sales than people with lists 10X the size. How? It all starts with BETTER QUALITY leads. Anyone can build a list of thousands, even tens of thousands with enough time and money. But how many of those subscribers open up and take action on your offers? Complete review:

The #1 rule of list building is to have great relationships with your leads. And that starts by getting the RIGHT people on your list up front!

People that:

=> are already PROVEN to be interested in your information
=> are PROVEN action takers

If someone holds their hand up, says “yes I’m interested in your content” then WILLINGLY signs up to your list to see even more That person is the very best kind of lead you can have. Imagine, a list where people open your messages because they’re from YOU not because of a click-bait subject lin…